Everyone wants your wallet

The three giants companies that are running the internet today are looking for revenue.

Each company is looking for it from their expertise domain.

Google want to use their search capabilities and leverage it to suggest short cycle selling cycle – Google buy button

Facebook suggests the messenger for small business and Apple are yet looking into their best way to make extra revenue on top of their lovely products, one of the ways is to use SIRI as recommendation engine that will advertise products.

The trend is clear and it’s message to everyone in the industry that want to do business:

The current revenue model from products and services as linear approach is not sufficient. Advertising itself can’t be the engine beyond such conglomerates.

In order to go to the next level, companies need to use their data and knowledge and transform it to real action.

Actionable knowledge not only in terms of decision making but in terms of money making.

What do you think?

Happy new year